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The Myth of This Great Economy

It would be nice if it was true, but the idea that the United States economy continues to grow in strength is a tragic deception. When compared to the rest of the world, our economy is on a significant decline. When you have a strong economy, your currency becomes stronger, making travel to far off lands cheap.

The dollar used to buy a whole lot more, but in recent years it has lost strength against not only the Euro, British Pound and Chinese Yuan but against such economic powerhouses as the Thai Baht, Chilean Peso, Colombian Peso and Canadian Dollar, to name a few. Visuals can help wipe away the deception:

USD to Euro:
USD to Euro

USD to British Pound:
USD to British Pound

USD to Chinese Yuan:
USD to Chinese Yuan

USD to Thai Baht:
USD to Thai Baht

USD to Chilean Peso:
USD to Chilean Peso

USD to Columbian Peso:
USD to Columbian Peso

USD to Canadian Dollar:
USD to Canadian Dollar

If this is your idea of a strong economy, you may want to take econ again. (Take a look yourself at the United States economy’s great decline: Currency Converter)

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