If you ever injected truth into politics you have no politics.

- Will Rogers

Bush Administration Morally Corrupt?

There is no question that when given the choice between Bush, Gore and Kerry, George Bush is going to be president, as it should be, but that in no way suggests he is without flaw. Clearly not a conservative, you now have to consider the possibility he is wholly corrupt:

The Bush administration rejected a Securities and Exchange Commission recommendation in a key Supreme Court case and did not support shareholders suing Wall Street banks for damages over Enron's collapse. [Read]

The war on drugs puts two bit dope dealers in jail. Fraud laws put real estate swindlers in jail and holds them financially accountable. When the Securities and Exchange Commissions suggests that the investment bankers should be held accountable for their actions in the Enron debacle, the Bush administration says, “Nope, not interested.”

George Bush gave us a prescription drug plan that will cost taxpayers greatly. George Bush gave the taxpayers No Child Left Behind, which, in essence, is a federal grab of control over schools which is leading to a dumbing down. Mr. Bush also believes that huge financial corporations should not be accountable for their actions—kind of like the government, it appears. George Bush is a conservative? No, that’s right, he’s a (R)eplublican.

If George Bush defines what is now a Republican, can the Democratics be any worse? Sure, he is better than Gore and Kerry, but what does that say? Maybe Republicans are only affective when they are railing against government, not when running. But, then again, security is a word Democrats cannot spell.

The problem is the elite structure of the political class, but who really cares anymore? (Bush. Clinton. Bush. Clinton. It’s time to stop.)

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