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This is a call to statesmanship, and it sounds like Kerry knows how to play the game well, or is it simple Clear Politics when he says something like, “I don’t think we’ll be heard.”

He has suspended his campaigning, for the time being, and that was a smart move. He also knew to throw in some kind words about Reagan, who has been slammed by Democrats mercilessly over time, and is still a target.

"I think he had a sense of idealism and a sense of optimism of the possibilities about our country that define leadership," said Kerry. “Ronald Reagan's love of country was infectious.”

Kerry understands how and when to push the politics, and some things that are Clear Politics are also marks of civility.

Don’t worry though, for many it is the harsh, bitter Clear Politics of usual, while using the death of Reagan to their advantage.

Bush? He to will try to use Reagan to his advantage, but it may be hard to draw the line of similarity.

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