Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't.

- Mark Twain

Pea-brains Unite 246 to 182

The (D)emocratics, heretofore known as the (D)emocrats, have demonstrated once again their inability to do anything more than play Clear Politics. Today, they voted in favor of a non-binding resolution to opposing the troop build-up, referred to as a troop surge. Do you understand non-binding?

Offering a non-binding resolution is the definition of the why the Democrats are so weak—and the Republicans weaker, as they lost to these fools. The offering of this resolution states exactly what the Democrats have always stated: Do not look at what we do, listen to what we say.

They are doing nothing. They say they want to end support for the Irag war, but are unwilling to actually do something. They say what their base wants to hear, while doing nothing. Their base is satisfied; as they are Democrats they far more interested in ones words than in ones actions, no matter how contradictory.

The press is in an uproar: Democrats Oppose Surge! No, it was a group of like-minded friends who came together and agreed they did not like something, but not enough to do anything about what they do not like. Would it not be nice if Bush responded to this with something like: They have a right to their opinion, and I respect the fact that they wished this resolution to be non-binding.

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