Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.

- Earnest Benn

Galileo Went Against "Consensus"

Remember a man named Galileo Galilei?

During his life, the consensus was the universe revolved around the earth. It was considered a scientific "fact" much like global warming caused by man is being considered "fact". Only a fool would challenge consensus, yet he knew something was wrong based on his observations. The earth did not revolve around the earth but around the sun, is what science taught him.

Sure, we could review his persecution for promoting the concept of a heliocentric universe, but by now everyone knows the truth, the proven, predictable, scientific truth. Even the most ignorant follower of the "man is the global warmer" mantra believes the earth is round, the same individual who in another time would have gladly accepted without question that the earth was flat. The point: consensus is meaningless.

If we came to the consensus that rubbing tangerines on the forehead cures cancer, does that make it so? If we came to the consensus that stabbing out our eyes makes us invisible, does that make it so? If we came to the consensus that beautiful women/men are really ugly, would our desires change? Does consensus really matter?

All consensus tells us is that we can be comfortable in our ignorance because we are surrounded by those who are equally ignorant. If you are in a room where everyone agrees, someone will be quietly considering the possibility that there is something amiss. It is the way we progress. Statistically, most our followers, grasping consensus for comfort, but the greatest value comes from the contrarian, even when they are wrong.

Before Galileo, do you remember a little bit of consensus about the earth? Something about how it was flat?

History will not be writing about the air-headed celebrities and the "scientists" who have joined in with their "The sky is falling!" rant, but about the scientist who remained calm enough to observe the dynamic system of earth and push just a bit further into understanding the complexity without trying to manipulate their observations for acceptance.

A village of fools is nothing more than a foolish village, even when they agree upon their genius.

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Al Gore is a Joke! wrote:

And Al Gore will go down in history is the biggest court jester of all time.
02/07/07 07:13:32

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