In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments; there are consequences.

- Robert Green Ingersoll

Fighting the Warmth of Ignorance

How do you argue with the science of celebrity behind the global warming hysteria? It seems to make no difference whether or not global warming/cooling is natural phenomena. Of course that would take an understanding of the planet’s history and place in the universe, as well as the ability to reason. It is so much easier to follow the whiney voice that cares.

Unfortunately, the global warming hysteria has to do not only with ignorance and laziness—it takes effort to educate yourself—but with affluence. So many have become so comfortable that they are looking for some kind of substance, depth in their lives, but something that takes no effort, something they can follow because their cool friends are following; something so big, no one can fault them for not understanding because the event window is so large it is not possible to outlive their ignorance. It is not a surprise that those leading the global warming hysteria are those with excessive wealth using far more than their share of resources, because if they say they care you will not see their contradictions. They are demanding you see they care, while not seeing them.

Really, what do you do to fight the global warming hysteria? What do you do when fools follow fools, and thought is only worthy when it is groupthink, not reasoned, educated thought? What do you do when the media is so lazy they only follow hysteria, so stupid they repackage ignorance and present it as news? What do you do when the fools shout so loud nothing else can be heard?

The educated mind, philosophy and reason are dead. Long live the celebrity of ignorance!

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