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- George Bernard Shaw

Give Democrats Credit, When IRS Collection Agencies Reined

Hiring private collection agencies to collect on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) gave many an uncomfortable feeling.

Is the IRS's new private tax-collection program heading for an early death?

After years of congressional debate, the Internal Revenue Service recently began using private debt-collection agencies to help pursue people who owe taxes. The IRS has already turned over the names of more than 13,725 taxpayers who owe the government about $73.5 million.

But the program has run into renewed congressional attacks -- and could well be eliminated -- now that Democrats are poised to take control of the House and Senate. Among the strongest critics are several influential Democrats in line to take over powerful posts next year.

Maybe the Democrats can take it a step further and eliminate taxation all together? (Wait, they already said they want to raise taxes.)

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