More important than the quest for certainty is the quest for clarity.

- Francois Gautier

Oh yeah, Congratulation California!

Congratulations California (except the bond measures):

Chalk up another loss for Al Gore, who campaigned hard in California with buddies Bill Clinton and Brad Pitt.

The costliest ballot initiative campaign in state history culminated yesterday in the defeat of Proposition 87, which would have imposed a tax on oil production in California to raise $4 billion to promote alternative fuels and energy-efficient vehicles.

The support of former President Clinton as well as celebrity endorsements from Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Geena Davis were seemingly counterbalanced by oil industry advertisements that threatened higher gas prices should the initiative pass. It drew a 55 percent no vote with three-quarters of the state's precincts reporting.

Being good, caring bolsheviks, is there nothing better they could do with their time and money than asking Californians to raise their taxes?

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