Brad Pitt campaigns for oil tax

Democrats brought in a megastar to stump for them ahead of Tuesday's election - but Brad Pitt didn't appear for the candidate at the top of the ticket, gubernatorial challenger Phil Angelides.

Instead, Pitt held a press conference Monday in support of Proposition 87, a ballot initiative that would tax oil production to raise $4 billion for loans, grants and subsidies to promote alternative fuels and more energy-efficient vehicles.

There is something so generous when millionaires campaign for higher taxes. Sure, Brad Pitt could give more of his money, but think about how much better off he would be if he could convince Californian's to give more of theirs to support his causes.

Brad Pitt, Bill Clinton and Al Gore have all campaigned for increased taxes in California. Millionaires on the move for higher taxes. Californians think these are their friends? Is there any doubt why Californians have one of the highest fuel prices in the country?


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