If there is no struggle, there is no progress.

- Frederick Douglas

Good Jobs. Good Economy. Good for Incumbents?

Not only is the jobs report good this month but the report has been revised significantly upward for previous months. Jobs and the economy is not a winner for the party out of power, so it should be good for the incumbent Republicans, correct?

Unfortunately for Republicans, too many are concerned with what the Republicans have not accomplished: They are spending too much. They are increasing entitlement programs. They are stuffing the pork barrel. Instinctively, people want the fiscal conservancy expected of themselves and promised by the Republicans. Experience tells them they are likely to receive fiscal restraint with a divided Washington.

The overriding issue should be the war on terror, but we feel safe. Nothing has happened here, so for many that means we are safe. Many do not believe our safety has to do with diligence and moving the location of the battlefield, so who is running the show does not matter. If they understood at all the simple lessons of Somalia, they would think differently.

People are prosperous as the economy thrives and they feel safe. Does the makeup of Washington really matter? Will we realize what matters before it is too late?

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