No Lose Situation for Republicans?

There are three potential outcomes when this year's midterm elections come to a close:

* Scenario I: Democrats ride a wave of discontent over President Bush and Iraq, and they pick up at least 30 House seats and at least six Senate seats.
* Scenario II: Democratic momentum stalls a bit, and the party narrowly picks up the House -- but only by a three- to five-seat margin. And the party's gains in the Senate are no more than a net of three seats, keeping the GOP in control.
* Scenario III: The Republicans narrowly hold on to their majorities in both chambers.

In short, if Democrats fail to win at least one of the chambers, the recriminations and finger-pointing will be epic. The failure to win in this environment will probably cost Dean and Pelosi their jobs and will put all of the Democratic leadership in Washington on notice. I wouldn't put it past some Democrats to begin pondering splintering off and forming third parties. That may sound irrational, but it's one thing not to win when the president's job approval rating is in the high 40s to low 50s -- it's another not to win when the opposition party's leader is as unpopular as Bush is. It would take a very inept political party to blow this opportunity facing them now.

Read Chuck Todd's piece on what this all mens to the parties as a whole for the future.

Is this mid-term election anything more than the starter's pistol for the 2008 Presidential election? The ballot measures in most states should be enough to bring people to the poles, but it seems elections have become focused on the national level. Sure, it is easier for the media to cover on the national level, but remember that all politics is local, and if you ignore your local politics it is at your peril.

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