Democratic and Republican War Strategy the Same!

The major thrust of the (D)emocratic campaign is that the Iraq war is a defeat in the hands of the (R)epublicans and there needs to be change. Well, even the most liberal commentators are asking what the difference will be?

Previously, the (D)emocrats implied they had some secret insights into dealing with the war they were unwilling to share unless they were in power, because their power is more important than military victory or the lives of American soldiers. Now that the election is upon us, they are stating that not much will change because Bush has adopted their strategies! (Listen for yourself.)

Wow, and they think they have a chance at winning the election? What is the reason to vote for them again? Bush has already adopted their war strategies, so what do they have the offer? The economy is doing well, so that cannot be the reason. What is it again? Right, the Republicans have gays in their party—would they not believe that is a good thing? There is something more, right? Besides the fact they hate Bush, there is something more, right? Right?

Wait, could this be their way of saying they have a strategy that is not cut-and-run? No, it must be that Bush has adopted their strategy of “get the job done.” Yeah, that’s it, otherwise the politicking would be way too clear and cynical.

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