"Science does not answer questions, it creates better questions."

- e. a. graham

We're # 1! 2! 3! 4. 5. 6

In a report released on Tuesday, the World Economic Forum said Washington's huge defense and homeland security spending commitments, plans to lower taxes further, and long-term potential costs from health care and pensions were creating worrisome fiscal strains.

"With a low savings rate, record-high current account deficits and a worsening of the U.S. net debtor position, there is a non-negligible risk to both the country's overall competitiveness and, given the relative size of the U.S. economy, the future of the global economy," it said.

For those who still do not understand, it is our government, our big fat bloated, anchoring government that is getting in the way of the greatness of the American people. It makes no difference from which party you hail; if you want to prosper and for those around you to prosper you need to champion a smaller government.

To all, good luck.

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