Why the Confusion?

There seems to be a lot of talk about the expected low turnout for (R)epublicans in the upcoming election, but why would this be a surprise?

(R)epublicans under Bush are fat government spending, government growing panderers. In the most populace state in the union, California, the “Republican” governor is running as a liberal. Then there is (R)epublican Senator Lincoln Chafee seeking re-election, generally acknowledged as a liberal. Thes list goes on, but it is the point is simple: (R)epublican voters should not turn out in the upcoming election because there are so few Republicans to give their vote.

Some will say that (R)epublicans should turn out to vote (R) because the (D)emocrats are even worse, that a liberal Republican is better than a liberal Democrat. A foolish argument it is, because you end up eliminating the conservative (R)epublican, diluting the ideals of lesser government and more freedom—as if they have not been diluted enough.

When you are voting for the lessor of two evils, you are still voting for evil. At least a (D)emocrat is a (D)emocrat, which seems less evil than the (R)epublican who runs the campaign: “I’m conservate, but first I have to pander to voters, then I have to make friends in office with a couple of government expansion programs, and then we have to make sure everyone likes us, then we have to support our lobbies who supported us, then…”

Evil is evil, there are no lessers. Why should a conservative vote in the upcoming election?

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