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California Legislature Continues Attack on Californians

California leads the war against Wal-mart, in typical elitist, liberal fashion, punishing the lowest on the economics ladder:

Bills that would give California's local governments more power to fight Wal-Mart and other huge stores are heading to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, over the objections of the giant retailer, business groups and Republican lawmakers.

The latest bill, approved 23-16 Wednesday by the Senate, would require local governments to consider an economic impact report before approving any "big box" store larger than 100,000 square feet.

On Tuesday, a 24-13 vote sent Schwarzenegger a bill requiring retailers to pay communities' legal fees if the local governments prevail in lawsuits that challenge zoning ordinances or regulations aimed at restricting mega-stores.

Schwarzenegger spokeswoman Margita Thompson said the governor has taken no position on the bills.

"Clearly, Wal-Mart in particular has been using its money and influence to try to influence local government decisions," said the bills' author, Sen. Richard Alarcon.

The state has an interest, he said, because "Wal-Mart is the most egregious offender when it comes to having employees use public assistance - in fact, training them to apply."

Do they not understand how economics works? If citizens do not want a Wal-mart in their area, they will not shop their and the Wal-mart will close. Unfortunately they appear to understand the market will enough that they want to keep the citizenry from voting with their pocketbooks, because they know better what is best for those just getting by: higher prices and fewer employment opportunities.

Schwarzenegger has not taken a stance? What a surprise for such a powerful leader hot air balloon.

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