If there is no struggle, there is no progress.

- Frederick Douglas

Bush: The Liberal the Left Hates

For those who think Bush is a conservative: you have failed to see how significantly he has increased the size of government.

The Bush administration recently released its mid-session review of the federal budget for fiscal 2006. The new data reveal that in spite of repeated promises of fiscal responsibility by the Bush administration and congressional Republicans, things are bad and getting worse. After five years of Republican reign, it's time for small-government conservatives to acknowledge that the GOP has forfeited its credibility when it comes to spending restraint. [Read]

Today, Bush boasts of $122 Billion in federal dollars spent on Katrina aid, and promises more. Later in the day there is talk of $800 million for drought stricken farmers. He speaks proudly of what the government spends, so we will think he is a nice guy. If those on the left were honest, they would love this manís fiscal politics.

Maybe government works better knotted in opposition, because as Bush tries to give money to make friends, he must reach deep into your pocketónot generally considered a conservative trait.

Fiscally, Bush may be less conservative than Ralph Nader.

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