We Are All Profiled

If you are a hot Scandinavian woman, people make assumptions. If you are black male with dreadlocks, people make assumptions. If you are pudgy and wear your tie too tight, people make assumptions. Intellectually, you can say people are profiling one another. Accurate or not, these profiles are based on experience. If you are a Middle Eastern male, people… Wait! Stop! You cannot make any assumptions about Middle Eastern males, even if they are currently the only suspects in planned and executed plots to kill people on a plane.

In the name of political correctness, people, even the most liberal, whisper what they feel, ashamed of their knowledge and experience. Great Britain is tired of playing stupid:

Here in America the term "racial profiling" is enough to make your average politically correct, card-carrying ACLU member piddle on the carpet, yet the British authorities seem convinced that it's the right way to go in their anti-terror efforts. They're at least discussing it, anyway, which is further then we'd get here in America. [Read]

Talk to Middle Eastern men living in America and you will find most think we are stupid for not profiling. Just because we want to pretend it is just as likely the Scandinavian hottie will blow up a plane as the Middle Eastern male in his 20s does not make it so.

Is not pretending that things are different than they really are not only a lie but an insult? Is lying better than profiling? This kind of stupid is a choice, and the results can be deadly.

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