We shall leave this world as foolish and as wicked as we found it when we arrived.

- Voltaire

Lieberman Loses = Democrats Lose and Lieberman Wins

Those ignorant fools who think Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, the moron behind dailykos.com, is interested in anything more than increasing the weight of his empty worth are about to learn how little he really matters.

Berkeley California bubblehead Markos appeared in a Lamont Connecticut campaign commercial, because he is so photogenic? Markos thinks he is the (D)emocrat party, and knows what is best for all. (If you have spent any time in Berkeley, you would know that means we need to all think alike, no matter how idiotic. Debate is not encouraged.) Lamont wants to tap into his loyal, thoughtless followers, so panders to Markos.

But none of this really matters. Lieberman will win, especially if he loses the primary. Sure, the bubbleheads at dailykos and moveon will still try to influence every election and give themselves some import, but being from the left, there is one thing they do not understand: people are not that stupid. Really, people know when they are being crudely manipulated by distant, pompous fools, and they become angry. It is their election, their office holder.

The bottom line is Lieberman will win, even if it is as a third party candidate, and all that the fools on the left will have done is fatten their coffers (Is not that what they claim those on the right do?) and muddy up the process. They will not have changed the outcome. Well, they have done a bit more; they have helped diminish the (D)emocrat party.

For those who follow these fools, especially Markos: learn to think. Do you really this about anything more than feeding a little manís ego? Talk to the man. Engage him in deep conversation, deep, and then proclaim he is your leader. Are you really that stupid?

Those on the right may want to send Markos a thank you letter, as he is clearly working to serve the right well. Quietly, the right knows he is their hero. The only problem is the right does not have to come up with a decent candidate to beat these idiots, which leaves all of us losers. Thanks, Markos, youíre a geniusónot!

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Imelda Marcos wrote:

Dick Morris said it best:

"In the general election, Lieberman can paint Lamont (a former client of mine) as the rich, light-weight dilettante he is (heir to the fortune of J.P. Morgan's partner) and can focus on the broad range of his legislative agenda. After all, Lieberman has taken the lead on issues ranging from campaign-finance reform to tobacco regulation to corporate-governance reform to tough action against terrorism to the battle against global warming. He'll look better and better, while Lamont will look like a one-issue challenger who is out of his league. "
08/09/06 08:13:00

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