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Democrat Wins California Governor Race!

Here at Clear Politics, the truth rules supreme. No matter how the election plays out, a (D)emocrat will have taken the governor’s seat in Sacramento.

“But what about Arnold Schwarzenegger?” you ask.

Those who have been paying attention to the California governor race know that Schwarzenegger has taken a few pages out of the Bush handbook: To win, be more liberal than the liberals — the base is not going anywhere. It is working, he is widening his lead, in part because the (D)emocrats have their usual problem of an incredibly weak candidate.

From expanded health-care programs at grade school levels to lowering health-care costs and reducing the number of uninsured Californians, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is wooing liberal voters. He has also heaped praise on Al Gore's global warming movie, which should serve the Republican governor well in this otherwise eco-centric, deep blue state. [Read]

Well, politicians are known for their pandering. Perhaps Schwarzenegger fans forgive him because he is a (R)epublican and good for the party.

It was not to be. Schwarzenegger has made a conscious decision to steer clear of intra-party affairs.

This spring, the governor chose to sit on the sidelines -- even when two legislative soulmates, Sen. Abel Maldonado and Assemblyman Keith Richman, were running for statewide office in contested GOP primaries.

Richman had been a Schwarzenegger confidant even before the movie star decided to jump into politics. It was Richman who organized a last-ditch, bipartisan effort to salvage the bond that Schwarzenegger desperately needed in 2004 to get the state out of fiscal crisis without having to raise taxes or gut education spending.

This year, when the governor bucked Republican orthodoxy and called for raising the state minimum wage, Maldonado stepped forward to carry the legislation. Whenever the governor campaigned for his ballot-box causes, Maldonado stood alongside Schwarzenegger to help appeal to Latino voters.

Both Richman and Maldonado were certain that an endorsement from Schwarzenegger would boost their chances for victory.

Instead, Schwarzenegger did nothing. Moderates Richman and Maldonado each lost to conservative opponents.

Schwarzenegger wants to be governor and has learned the political system well enough to know that to win he must bail on those loyal to him and pander to those who do not care for him. Politicians sound a bit like so many actors, people desperate for attention, and willing to do anything to garner the public eye.

California’s gubernatorial race is a popularity contest, with giveaways. Whomever wins, it will not be a principled Republican but a bastard Democrat.

Principled? A politician? Anyone seen one of those?

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