All civilization has from time to time become a thin crust over a volcano of revolution.

- Havelock Ellis

“Dignitaries” Mourn Lay

Former President George Bush and his wife, Barbara, were among the mourners Wednesday at a memorial service of Enron Corp. founder Kenneth Lay.

Lay's memorial service drew some of the high-profile guests who were close to him before he was convicted in May of fraud and conspiracy for lying to investors and the public about the energy company's financial health before it collapsed in 2001.

Among the other mourners at the downtown Houston church Lay attended for 12 years were former Secretary of State James A. Baker III…

Politics is clearly a corrupt game, and even politicians should be judged by the company they keep. Sure, he gave them money, but many thousands of lives were devastated by the man they honor.

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Cristin wrote:

Ken Lay created many jobs, and did many good things in his life. He is now dead. Leave the man alone.
07/12/06 14:53:23

TruthWins wrote:

Cliff Baxter commited suicide because of his roll in Lay's scheme, so Lay is implicated in the death of one? How many lived were destroyed because of his fraud? How many bankruptcies were because of his fraud? How many divorces, unravelings and heartbreaks, financial and otherwise, were a result of his fraud?

I hope the religion he believed in exists, because if it does then he will bear the burdon of his deceptions, and Skilling will soon join.
07/12/06 15:07:55

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