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Today's game of Clear Politics is called Blink. When playing Blink, you argue over a budget, always posturing, accomplish little in the way of coming to an agreement, while at the same time closing down an easy source of tax revenue — gambling. Blink is now being played in New Jersey by their legislature.

As can be expected, the winners of the game are posturing politicians, while the losers are always the same: folk who happen to be in New Jersey.

Clear Politics: Not just a game, but a cause.

P.S.: The dispute — between the governor and his fellow Democrats who control the Legislature — centers on Corzine’s plan to raise the state sales tax from 6 percent to 7 percent to help overcome a $4.5 billion budget deficit in his $31 billion spending plan. The proposal would cost the average New Jersey family an estimated $275 per year. [Read] (Perhaps they should consider reducing spending?)

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