Mondale the Hawk?

When Walter Mondale sounds like a hawk, it shows you how week mondern (D)emocrats have become:

Mondale said on WCCO-AM Friday that the United States should tell North Korea "defuel that missile. It has three boosters. Dismantle it and put it back in the sheds. Because if you're getting ready to fire this, we'll take it out."

Mondale, who's also a former U.S. ambassador to Japan, calls the North Korean missile "one of the most dangerous developments" in recent history.

"Nuclear weapons can destroy hundreds of millions of people in one strike - destroy major cities -it is the danger of our time," Mondale said. "Here's this bizarre, hermit kingdom up there, with a paranoid leader getting ready to test a missile system that can hit us. We've got to stop it."

Bail on Iraq and get tought with North Korea? If we did that how long do you think it would take before they were saying it was time to bail on North Korea? (Also, if and when we go after North Korea--a country with nukes--we will not be able to have a polite war where we expect our soldiers to be kind and considerate.)

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