What the Stance Means

When bad things happen to those close to you, your family, friends, loved ones, neighbors, etc., you have to decide what you are made of, what steels you. When soldiers, your soldiers, are captured, you have to decide where you stand. Some consider the generous treatment of prisoner’s at Abu Ghraib torture, so what would they consider the mutilation of our soldiers as prisoners?

Most people, and anyone who you would want in charge, would be emboldened by vicious mutilations of our captured soldiers — not Abu Ghraib “torture” but real torture. What does it say about people like John Kerry when they want to cut and run? Would you want them on your side in a fight? Would you want them leading you into battle? Do you think they want to cut and run for a “good reason?” Think about it, and if you are in agreement, be grateful for those who will protect you from the slaughter you so rightly embrace.

There are factions we are battling in Iraq who want to up the ante. They want to up the ante, because they know cowards are loud and powerful in this country, and when challenged, they will quit. Do not be confused: they will always quit, not just this time because it is the “wrong” fight.

Who do you want protecting you, standing up for you? Do not give the answer you think sounds right, look inside and tell yourself the truth.

Those who wish to engage us and up the ante must know we are not only willing but able to make war the ugly creature it should be, that they will be the ones that will have to quit.

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