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Coca for All

Some South American countries want coca to be treated as a normal plant. How sane is that! Even after the United States has spent billions telling them a crop they have grown before our founding is evil, they still want to give it economic viability? Do they not know the United States determines which plants are "good" in the world? God put that plant here for the United States to eradicate, and pharmaceutical companies to profit from, not peasants.

Indigenous tribes elsewhere in the Andean region also are trying to mainstream the leaf, trumpeting its nutritive and painkilling value. Morales, who says he will end coca eradication efforts in Bolivia, promotes coca-based yogurt, soap, bread and tea. He is appealing to the United Nations to drop the coca plant's designation as a poisonous substance, which would open the way to exports. [Read]

Bolivia’s new President, Evo Morales, is a coca farmer. How much will it take to convince him the plant is evil? We have the money… Well, we have the credit.

(For those who are upset someone such as Evo Morales – quoted as saying, "The worst enemy of humanity is capitalism.” – won the Bolivian Presidency, what can you expect: James Carville ran the campaign for his opponent.)

Anyone have a Coca Sek?

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