Half a truth is often a great lie.

- Benjamin Franklin


Is there really anything to discuss about Al Gore when you are talking Clear Politics? His passion, his anger, his bitterness at being Al Gore is so clear that nothing more needs to be said. Well, we could tell Al to calm down, take a break, have a drink, smoke a joint, go get laid, or any other number of things, but when he has done all of that he will still awaken as Al Gore. At least we know where he stands, and that is refreshing. (For those who do not know where he stands: He hates Bush. He really, really, really hates Bush. Honestly.)

Political positions are everywhere, even on your plate. There are those that think they know what is best for you to eat, and would like to have a say what is on your plate. Yes, obesity is a problem, and we know this ever more clearly when you hear of a 3 year old who has died because of her obesity. So let’s lose weight, and why not do the Atkins. It has worked for many people, and it does work. Oh yeah, it also says it is a good idea to eat food with faces. Vegans don’t like that.

A man claims he went on the Atkins when his weight went from 140 to 148. (Oh yeah, what a cow. This guy really needed some drastic dieting.) He claims that Atkins caused blockage in his arteries, and needed “medical procedures” to cure his wayward cardiovascular system. He is suing for $28,000, with the assistance of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, an advocacy group that supports a vegan diet. Surprisingly, the lawsuit seems to be focused on complaints about the Atkin’s diet more than the complaints about the 99% blockage in an artery. But as Mr. Gorran says, “Even if the suit never gets anywhere, we'll be out there and people will start to think." We’d call that Clear Politics, when the vegans are helping to spread the word.

$28,000? Sounds kind of cheap for heart problems?

How come, if you want to be a vegan, it is fine with those who eat meat, but if you want to eat meat, that isn’t fine with the vegans? A tolerance thing, perhaps?

I know ice cream is not healthy, but I still like to eat ice cream. But the food police should get a say, as soon as we all agree that instead of being humans of free will we are all productivity units of that state. I don’t agree with that one yet, so please, I’ll have a bowl of ice cream, even with a soft belly.

What you really might want to worry about is your wife, if you have a wife over 40. Two-thirds of divorces after age 40 are initiated by wives. But how many of those are due to them finding their husband with a 20 year old?

Have something good today, just because it is good. (If you are married and your wife is over 40, that does not mean a 20 year old.)

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