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Patriot Act Includes Crackdown on Meth Use?

Suffer from springtime allergies? You could be among the first affected by the USA Patriot Act poised for final congressional passage this week.

Besides terrorism, the bill takes aim at the production of methamphetamine, a highly addictive drug that cannot be manufactured without a key ingredient of everyday cold and allergy medicines. The bill would impose new limits next month for how much relief a person can buy over the counter.

Some highlights of the Patriot Act's new provisions that would crack down on the manufacture, distribution and use of methamphetamine:

_Require signature and identification for purchases.

_Authorize $585 million for enforcement, training and research into treatment. The money would include $20 million for grants for children exposed to the methamphetamine drug trade.

Bush is a conservative, believing in smaller government? How does this relate to terrorism? Is all that matters is they care? The vast majority of us are not meth users, but it will now be more difficult for us to buy cold medecine, and we will be picking up a $585,000,000 tab for more enforement of losers who wish to destroy their lives?

Those in government believe in one thing: Government.

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