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Yes, Democrats are Intellectually Challenged

Again, the best thing going for (R)epublicans is (D)emocrats.

MR. LAUER: Let me ask you about this. We're seeing these
protests in many parts of the world right now. These cartoons first
ran back in September. So the question is, why now for these
protests? And do you think this is really about a cartoon?

GOV. RICHARDSON: Well, it just shows the enormous tension, the
powder keg in the Muslim world, in the Middle East. I've never seen
the situation so dire with the threats from Iran, the victory of
Hamas, the escape of Badawi in Lebanon. This is -- in Yemen. This is
a very, very dangerous situation, not just for America but for the
entire world. It seems that the Muslim world, it's exploding. And I
believe that our obsession with Iraq has caused us to neglect these
huge other trouble spots.

MR. LAUER: You know, clearly, as you say, it does show a huge
rift between the West and the Muslim world. But if you listened over
the weekend, Governor, you hear a lot of people saying, "Why aren't
these people taking to the streets when hostages are beheaded on
videotape in the name of Allah, or when planes are flown into
buildings in the name of Allah?" How would you explain that?

GOV. RICHARDSON: Well, it is a bit of a double standard, because
what we're talking about is respect for human rights, for religious
tolerance. But it's of an endemic situation where it seems that
because of not just the disruption in the Hamas victory, the situation
in Iraq, the threats by Iran -- I think what caused America to say --
if I were the administration, I would take two steps. One, I would
call a summit of NATO, U.N. Security Council members, Russia and
China, to deal with Iran right now. This is a huge threat for

MR. LAUER: Well, let me ask you this. If you were the United
States, talked face to face with Iran, the Iranians say they are going
to resume their nuclear program. They also say they're willing to
negotiate. We don't have diplomatic relations with them; haven't
since the late 1970s. Is it time to change that?

GOV. RICHARDSON: I would talk directly to them, but I would do
what we are doing, I believe, following a correct policy, getting the
Europeans out front, the International Atomic Energy Agency; 27-3
votes shows international support for our position to not allow them
to have nuclear weapons. But also, use diplomacy. Don't talk about
the axis of evil. Also in America, a huge, huge program of energy
independence, because Iran may use the oil weapon. We don't want $100
barrel oil and huge disruption to our economy. [Read]

Listen, you morons, if you want to run America, you need to stop telling the people how rotten American is -- not all are as self-loathing as you.

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