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Anyone Not Corrupt?

How surprising that Congress has come to the point where they are not boasting of their ethics and integrity, but bashing the lack thereof on the other side of the isle. Where do we go when the argument is, “Yeah, we’re corrupt, but not as corrupt as them!

Congressional Democrats yesterday laid out a plan to change what they called a GOP "culture of corruption" in Washington, even as Republicans pointed to ethics lapses on their antagonists' side of the aisle. [Read]

Corruption is accepted and expected? We’re screwed, all of us. Yes, that means you too, no matter what party you call your own. WE ARE SCREWED!

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bob phillips wrote:

the only way to cure this is to vote ALL of them out of office even the two good ones
04/22/06 10:58:52

Charlie Cox wrote:

Wanna see corruption?. Daytona Beach has earned the dubious distinction of being one of the most corrupt cities in the country. Corruption is so ingrained and so widespread that even the people responsible for the checks and balances are controlled by the beneficiaries of corruption and have a vested interest in ensuring it remains unprosecuted.

Learn more about this poor city in badly need of Federal intervention
09/04/08 20:21:48

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