All great truths begin as blasphemies.

- George Bernard Shaw

How About Competition in Cableland

"The US cable industry on Tuesday vowed to defend its practice of selling content to subscribers in bundles after media regulators proposed an overhaul that could dramatically alter the industry’s revenue model." [Read]

The biggest expense in the cable bill is sports, even if you do not watch them, you pay for them in your package. Imagine if you could pick alacarte (à la carte fore hose interested in proper non-English)! Do you really want your cable bill to come down? Take out the politics all together and allow cable companies to compete. Multiple companies competing in a market brings down the price -- oh, wait, the cable companies don't want that, good thing they have the politicians to protect them, no, protect us, no protect... empower themselves.

Oh well, don't worry, you the consumer will lose when the politicos get into the pot.

P.S. (D) stands for (d)etour in the open market. Just ask Wilfredo Caraballo.

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