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Fools Have Fun — Let’s See a Movie!

Do you love the French? Are you a big fan of the European Union (EU)? Are you a supporter of the United Nations (UN)? Then you too probably hate the United States and wish there was some way to beat them in the competitive world market, without having to be good, without really having to try, without having to work at being good. Alas, the French, EU and UN have brought you hope:

“Unesco member states have formally voted to support their own film and music industries against globalisation.

The United Nations cultural body voted in favour of a cultural diversity convention, backed by France, Canada and the UK.

The US had said the "deeply flawed" convention could be used to block the export of Hollywood films and other cultural exports.

The vote follows French moves to protect its film and music industries.” [Read]

Perhaps the French should consider the unfathomable: Produce better product!

Sure Hollywood produces a lot of really bad movies, but have you watched the alternatives? And, let’s give credit where credit is due; they produce a lot of some good movies also.

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