Idealism is the despot of thought, just as politics is the despot of will.

- Mikhail Bakunin

Illgotten Gains

Bad souls are bad, and greedy souls are greedy, and what do you call one who is looking to make an ill-gotten gain on the backs of soldiers? Criminal works.

“Philip H. Bloom, 65, funneled at least $693,000 in bribes and kickbacks through bank accounts in Iraq, Switzerland, Romania and the Netherlands over the year through January 2005, according to court documents filed yesterday. The money then went to at least two unnamed U.S. government officials and their spouses in exchange for reconstruction work valued at over $3.5 million, the documents show.” [Read]

The worst part about this activity is not only Mr. Bloom and his actions, but the “at least two unnamed U.S. government officials and their spouses” who accepted the bribes. Give us names, this is more than Clear Politics, it is criminal greed, and their punishment should be far worse than a soldier holding a leash.

Twenty years sounds reasonable, as they are far worse the drug dealers.

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