Although our intellect always longs for clarity and certainty, our nature often finds uncertainty fascinating.

- Karl von Clausewitz

Bridges to Nowhere

Well, perhaps bridges to nowhere is inaccurate; it bridges your back pocket and (R)epublican pork spending.

If (D)emocrats were spending nearly $500,000,000 on unnecessary bridges and many other “earmarked” pork-barrel projects — some of which increase the value and accessibility of land a governor and his daughter, a senator, own — they would be up in arms, but it is a (R)epublican Governor and a (R)epublican Senator from Alaska. So, that makes it okay?

Now what is the difference between (R)epublicans and (D)emocrats? It surely isn’t pork spending, less government and fiscal conservatism, so what is it?

When you vote for a (R)epublican and the live by (D)emocrat standards, you have thrown away your vote. Yes, it appears a vote for a (R)epublican is a wasted vote, a very expensive wasted vote.

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