Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.

- Albert Einstein

Not the Sharpest Tool

“The Iraqi woman who accompanied her husband on a suicide bombing in Jordan last week was apparently seeking to avenge three close relatives who were killed by American forces in Iraq over the past year.” [Read]

There’s a surprise. She is PO’d at American Forces so she sets out to kill the natives? How surprising is it to learn: “Her education is limited. She knows little about the holy Koran and the various fatwas [Islamic edicts]. She has been brainwashed and believes that her mission in life is to wage a war against all infidels, including Muslims who do not practice Islam according to al-Qaeda interpretations, as well as Shias, their avowed enemies.”

Imagine that, it is the stupid people blowing themselves and other to pieces. Can we really argue with Darwin and the survival of the fittest?

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