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- Frederick Douglas

Sony Hacks! Aaaaaaack!!!

It is just like the Clear Politics of “whatever we do is right, because the cause is right”: Sony has decided it is legitimate to hack into the root of your computer and install software to manage the intellectual property you licensed when you purchased one of their music CDs.

Sure, it is no big deal that Sony is installing potentially malicious software deep into the root of your computer and there is no simple uninstalling of the software, because they are protecting their intellectual property. Sounds a bit like the time Orrin Hatch said that there ought to be viruses out there to destroy computers that make illegal copies of music.

Reminds us of the great Orrin Hatch quote: “Last year I only took in $18,009 in royalties on my album My God Is Love. Obviously there is a lot of piracy going on.”

Back to Sony. If it is acceptable for them to install rootkit software to protect their CDs, perhaps clearpolitics.com should have stealth software that is downloading and installing into the root of your computer at this very moment to ensure none or our words are stolen, plagiarized. It is our intellectual property, and it must be protected at all costs. If Sony can do it, so can we… perhaps none of us should do it.

Chalk this up as one more reason not to buy CDs, and they wonder why sales of CDs are plummeting.

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Rip it! wrote:

They seem to just be encouraging people to steal music, punishing those who do the right thing.

Sony is already starting to back down:

11/03/05 09:48:14

Rip it! wrote:

But Sony said it couldn't happen.

11/10/05 15:17:18

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