"Science does not answer questions, it creates better questions."

- e. a. graham

Good News

Let’s not forget the good news. The economy is not only doing well, it is doing quite well, better than most optimists hoped. All of that in the face of continuing news of the demise of all under the ever-powerful George Bush? Good work.

He did not make it, and he did not break it. Our economy is ours, and with 3.8 percent annual rate of growth in the third quarter and the markets accepting Bush’s choice of Ben Bernanke as the new Federal Reserve Chair to replace Alan Greenspan without as much as a hiccup, we are on the right track. Add to this the incredible profitability of oil companies (Hmm, how did that happen?) and the economy is on the right track.

Good news is good, no matter which side you plant your flag, because good news for the economy is good news for all.

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