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Thank the Unions!

Delphi, the country’s largest auto parts manufacturer that was spun-off of GM, is filing bankruptcy — the largest ever in the state of Michigan, larger than K-mart. The UAW managed to get their workers at Delphi pay and benefits averaging $130,000 per worker, for unskilled labor.

When you want to blame manufacturers for sending jobs overseas, you are pointing your finger in the wrong direction. The corporation must be competitive, and the salary paid to these unskilled laborers is not competitive. Inevitably, the economics of the corporation will be corrected, or the business will no longer be viable, which means the average worker will receive $0.

$130,000 per year? Most college graduates do not do that well, including teachers.

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Unioncide wrote:

Pay me 130000!

Why do unions think their UNSKILLED workers should not have to compete with workers in other countries? Are they less human or less deserving?

The unions have done some good in the past, but they are killing themselves off.
10/08/05 13:26:22

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