If by the mere force of numbers a majority should deprive a minority of any clearly written constitutional right, it might, in a moral point of view, justify revolution.

- Abraham Lincoln

Sowell is Smart Stuff

When you read something right on, you want to pass it along, and if you are interested in philosophy, you read great economists. Thomas Sowell is one of those great thinkers.

Thomas Sowell wrote a great piece about how the education system treats intelligent students, and though he writes about his university experience, it applies to all levels of education. If you are smart, or more importantly, if you are raising thinking children, you must read Thomas Sowell’s piece: Smart ‘problems’

When you are done reading the piece, you should print out enough copies to give to every intelligent child you know—and if you are brave enough, every teacher you encounter.

If you are a (D)emocrat how can you be intelligent, as reason is beyond your grasp? It is just not possible.

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Victor wrote:

Defining someone as intelligent based on his or her political affiliation is not only childish but just plain dumb. While it is well known that Republicans tend to populate their ranks from the business community and Democrats from academia neither one of these affiliations is definitive of a persons intelligence. The Democrats may claim, and rightly so, that many of them are more educated than their Republican counter parts but this in itself is not a measure of intelligence. Just as business savvy is not indicative of intelligence, Republicans have no more reason to boast greater intelligence because their ranks are filled with people of business.

This only goes to prove that you don't have to be a Republican or Democrat to be a total pin head!
10/04/05 08:43:14

clearpolitics wrote:

Hmmmm... Much of what you say is correct, that is perhaps why the commentary does not say anything about (R)epublicans being intelligent.

(D)emocrats, on the whole, clearly have an inability to grasp reason – cause and effect – which, based upon your statement regarding higher levels of education, demonstrates the lack of correlation between intelligence and academic achievement. The ability to reason is intelligence. (D)emocrats, on the whole, wish reason irrelevant.

As for Sowell, he appears to be (L)ibertarian in his writings.
Thanks, and perhaps what we should ponder is the possibility that those in pursuit of political power are pinheads.
10/04/05 09:32:54

Victor wrote:

I find your statements regarding democrats, to say the least, interesting; “(D)emocrats, on the whole, clearly have an inability to grasp reason – cause and effect ”, since those conclusions are not based upon any factual data they must therefore remain in the realm of opinion. While the right of an individual to have and express an opinion has value in the give and take of discourse, it’s quite a different matter to present opinion as fact and one should be reticent to do so.

As to the post not saying anything about republicans being intelligent, you are correct. However, in reading the comment there is a presumption that anyone who is not a democrat must be, and as was previously stated, that is a matter of opinion.
10/04/05 11:22:02

clearpolitics wrote:

Factual data? Mountains of evidence exists, factual data, but it is irrelevant, as defining intelligence would stymie the experiment. Now, if you would agree that it is the ability to reason, we have a starting point.

Your assumption is unfortunate, and incorrect, but we must not ignore what people’s actions speak about their ability to think, to reason.

It must be said, not all (D)emocrats are stupid, and by no stretch of the imagination are all (R)epublicans intelligent. As a matter of fact, for the most part there is little difference between the two… yes, the word is fact.
10/04/05 11:39:11

Victor wrote:

I am pleased to see you are not one of those who in expressing opinions confine themselves to facts.

Mountains of evidence? Not one shred of evidence has been presented, please enlighten us, let us recognize it's relevance or lack there of.

It is a regrettable truth that not everyone’s perception of facts and events will lead them to the same conclusion. Sometimes their actions are not so much an indicator of their intelligence but suffer more from human weaknesses such as apathy, laziness or just plain old incompetence. The more insidious variety of human weakness is contempt for the very foundations of our government, where political hacks and cronies are appointed to positions by virtue of their lockstep loyalty to an ideology and not by their ability to perform the duty they have been charged with. It is this callous disregard for the safety and wellbeing of all the people of this nation that led to the federal governments failure in response to Katrina.

The appointment of Michael Brown was due to his well-connected friends, not to his expertise in the area of disaster management. He in fact had zero experience in this field and yet President Bush appointed him to the position, what are we to think of the presidents actions and his ability to think and reason?
10/04/05 13:59:07

clearpolitics wrote:

A mountain of evidence could do little to convince one who cannot see what is within.

And, again, we would not be able to escape defining intelligent, so the rest is moot.

See, you actually believe that it was the federal government’s responsibility to respond. You may want to consider that we are first responsible for ourselves, and work our way outside from there. You would have to work through your neighbors, your city, your county, etc. before you made it to the federal government.

Michael Brown? FEMA? Cronyism? That is government. George Bush is government. Big spender who wants to be liked, just like Bill. All the same, the FACT the city is built in a bowl ought to make one question the wisdom of the city’s existence, but we won’t do that, it’s too kind to be a victim of circumstance.

“lockstep loyalty to an ideology” - The quote is yours, but have you read what you are writing? Your allegiance is quite clear. You have significant loyalties.
10/04/05 14:49:43

Betty Strauss wrote:

I have long been a fan of Thomas Sowell. Whether he is Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian doesn't matter. His writings make sense in that his statements match my own experiences with the public school systems. Instead of taking potshots we should use his writings as the springboard to a vigorous national debate on how to best educate all our students, especially the brightest.
10/06/05 11:33:10

Thanks, Betty! wrote:

Hear! Hear! Betty is brilliant!

10/06/05 11:59:48

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