Lest We Forget

We focus so much on the negative, that we forget the positive. The completely backward country of Afghanistan just held elections; elections where 6 million people, about 50%, turned up at the polls. Not bad progress from the ruthless control of the Taliban.

Don’t worry, the naysayers will find the dark cloud around this progress.

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Victor wrote:

Every silver lining has a dark cloud and Afghanistan's dark cloud is the fact that the Taliban warlords are coming back and they are producing about 80% of the heroin that is sold here in the US. So lets cheer the election but let's not be so blinded by it to delude ourselves into thinking everything is rosy and wonderful. Mr. Bush continually inflates the size of the dragons he has supposedly slain.

The Taliban’s barbarism does not absolve the U.S. government from its abuses. Though the Bush administration continually portrays the U.S. defeat of the Taliban as a triumph for human rights, the U.S. military has routinely covered up its abuses of Afghan civilians. Human Rights Watch condemned U.S. practices in a March 2004 report, noting that “civilians are being held in a legal black hole — with no tribunals, no legal counsel, no family visits, and no basic legal protections.” The report declared,

There is compelling evidence suggesting that U.S. personnel have committed acts against detainees amounting to torture or cruel, inhumane, or degrading treatment.
The deaths of two Afghans being held at the U.S. Bagram air base were officially classified by military doctors as homicides resulting from “blunt force injuries.”

As long as the Taliban have not reentered Kabul in triumph, Bush can continue to portray the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan as one of the greatest humanitarian triumphs in history. He inflated the victory over the Taliban to make himself appear as not only a great military conqueror but also a savior of part of humanity. He is playing on the ignorance of Americans who vaguely recall the television news broadcasts showing the U.S. troops’ victories but otherwise followed few, if any, of the details of what has happened in Afghanistan since late 2001.
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