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- Karl von Clausewitz

Bush Ready to Spend

Not known as a fiscal conservative, Bush says the feds will be paying a great deal of the funds necessary to make the city built in a bowl a livable place again, without touching on the fact that it will be under water again.

The drive to pour tens of billions of federal dollars into rebuilding the hurricane-battered Gulf Coast is widening a fissure among Republicans over fiscal policy, with more of them expressing worry about unbridled spending.

On Thursday, even before President Bush promised that "federal funds will cover the great majority of the costs of repairing public infrastructure in the disaster zone," fiscal conservatives from the House and Senate joined budget watchdog groups in demanding that the administration be judicious in asking for taxpayer dollars.

Bush’s need to be liked, to reach out, has always been one of his problems. He does not seem to realize that the left will never like him, no matter how much he spends like a liberal. As a matter of fact, they seem to resent him more because he spends like a drunken liberal.

It has been some time since the (R)epublicans have been led by a true fiscal conservative.

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