A little learning, indeed, may be a dangerous thing, but the want of learning is a calamity to any people.

- Frederick Douglas

Just Look

Sure, the planet has been here for billions of years, and one of the reasons we may exist is because for a brief period, the climate has allowed our existence, but the climate always has and always will change. What do we know about climatological history? Little, but that has not stopped (R)epublican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina from making an observation and stating his clear, complete and deep understanding of our billions of years of history:

"If you can go to the Native people and walk away with any doubt about what's going on, I just think you're not listening.” [Read]

If he means, but “what’s going on” that the weather is changing, then he is right, unfortunately, he means more, as do Lieberman and McCain and… They believe they are in control of this little planet.

Let’s say they are right and that global warming is occurring. The following question must be pondered:

We must suspect, throughout the history of the planet, it has cooled and warmed, and since it is the planet, it has been in a state of either global cooling or global warming, so why is global warming bad? And, if the brilliant politicians can put a stop to global warming, won’t that in fact create global cooling?

Really, doesn’t this amount to screaming “the sky is falling!!!!” Perhaps it is just easier for some to consider themselves more significant than anything they could experience has deemed plausible. Perhaps they have never taken a moment, that single moment, to say how incredible it is that we are here, and just admire the beauty stirring all around, in all of its forms. That does not mean they have to ruin it for the rest of us who can see what a magnificent gift this is, and how much bigger than us it has always been, and always will be: There is no thermostat for us to control. (If you are not happy with the design, you’ll have to take it up with the designer, and the designer will not be found in Washington, or Rio, or Kyoto, or…)

No matter what we know, we will always know little, and that can be observed just by looking at your hand and noting how completely it is beyond our ability. Yes, we should strive to learn as much as we can, but we stop learning once we know, and everything we seem to know, each successive generation shows us how little we really knew. What do you think we know about billions of years’ weather patterns, about global warming, cooling, warming, cooling, warming…?

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Election 08 wrote:

Even the Brits get it. It's all about the elections:

"...It also raises the prospect that climate change and other environmental issues could be a factor in the presidential contest in 2008 if Mrs Clinton and Mr McCain enter it. Mrs Clinton and Mr McCain, who represents Arizona, are among the leading, and the most popular, likely contenders."

08/18/05 20:49:20

rich wrote:

The joy I get from this topic is the fact that the most outspoken on the subject usually fly around the country in private jets (Robert Kennedy Jr., and all of hollywood). This strikes me as very very funny. They are such crusaders! ha ha
09/30/05 11:14:06

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