Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.

- Albert Einstein

Kids Are Fat! Bush to Blame!

The DNC is doing their damnedest to let America know how little we are expected to contribute to our own existence, and the existence of those for whom we are responsible, our children.

The (D)emocrats took the opportunity of Bush’s glowing fitness results to blame him for the obese children of America. Most American’s with an IQ over 43 hold the children’s parents responsible for their excessive girth, but then again, most Americans have an IQ over 43, unlike most Democrats.

Reports like this make one harken for the good old days when Cardiac Clinton was President, setting his french fried example to the youth of America. Remember the youth of America under Clinton? Slim, trim, athletic children playing… No, they were fat then, also, but that is one of the rules of the under 43 crowd — you don’t hold your comrades to the same standard you hold others, you hold them to a lower standard, a much lower standard.

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