Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.

- President George Washington

Much a ‘Do about What You’d Expect

Why are so many surprised about the Supreme Court’s ruling diminishing private property rights? They have been extremely consistent.

The Supreme Court ruled your property is only your property until the government takes it away for the greater good. The Supreme Court also recently ruled your body is your body, unless you ingest something the government deems not acceptable. The Supreme Court is consistent, and wrong, but they have helped put to rest one fallacy: You don’t want conservatives appointing Supreme Court justices.

In both of these rulings, one of the justices was right, and consistent, and has been labeled as extremely conservative, Clearance Thomas. (Let’s not forget that Sandra Day O’Conner understands also, and she’s a Reagan appointee.) With more justices like Justice Thomas, the government would have less power. With justices like Thomas, Federal power would be reined. With justices like the liberals who took away your property rights, you will have less and the government will have more. We no longer exist as individuals with a government to serve our needs, but as servants of the government, and each day we take a step closer to our slaughter.

It’s interesting that in a criminal trial, we require 12 jurors to decide that fate of one defendant, jurors that are to sit for one trial. To decide the fate of nearly 3000,000,000, we look to 9, whether or not their faculties are intact.

Again, about that fallacy of not wanting conservatives to make appointments to the Supreme Court: If we learn anything from these decisions, it is that we need conservatives to make these appointments, even if you’re a liberal.

Final Note: The say justices grow on the bench. Justice Stephens has grown senile.

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