Oil? Peace? Choice?

There are those who think we are involved in a war in the Middle East because of oil, and are therefore opposed to the war. There are those who are opposed to using the oil available in the United States. These two views are generally shared by the same groups. Consistent?

Clear Politics. If you are opposed to a war for oil, shouldn’t you support alternatives to dependence on such oil, shouldn’t you support greater independence to prevent such war? Likewise, if you are opposed to drilling to use the resources of the United States, shouldn’t you support an oil war to protect your resources?

Some will say that we should just reduce consumption of oil. That will not happen, and should not happen. It is actually a plentiful, cheap resource that has contributed greatly to the advancement of civilization, but for those truly opposed to its use, remember not to call the police or the fire department when in need, as they use a lot of oil in their jobs. Also, make sure you stay away from plastics (such as your keyboard and cell phone), and lubricants of pleasure. Wait, that isn’t going to happen, is it.

Perhaps it has to be considered that something is lacking in the consistency of these two philosophies. Perhaps, if you choose to take these competing views, you should consider the obvious: You are wrong about something, or lying to yourself.

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