Vanity Fair Exposes the Left as Loons

In the June issue of Vanity Fair, there is an article that they refer to as a dissection of Gannongate, the left’s trashing of a ‘reporter’ who threw President Bush a softball question. The article is fascinating, not for its revelations about Jeff Gannon, but for its dissection of the bloggers on the left.

The article shows the left’s most popular bloggers for who they are: idiot ideologues. They set out to destroy Mr. Gannon, for that softball question. They wanted to know who he was, where he came from, what he had done that could be exposed. They wanted dirt to destroy this man, because he asked a softball question. When they realized the man they had labeled a homophobe was gay, they tried to use his homosexuality against him, because he was apparently not the right kind of gay — or should we say the left kind of gay. They found he owned adult-sites, with pictures of himself, a freedom of expression the left tends to embrace, but apparently only for the left. They dug, finding little nuggets of nothing, but that would not stop their vitriolic raging rant.

The article is worth reading, not for its exposure of the Jeff Gannon, but for his exposure of bloggers on the left. Read the article, and ask if you can respect the acerbic diatribes of Duncan Black (Atrios) and spiteful bitter obsessions of Susan Gardner. Passion without reason is just anger.

The problem for the bloggers was that there was little for them to destroy in Jeff Gannon, but what a great job Jeff Gannon did of revealing them. Thank you Mr. Gannon, and your opinion is welcome here anytime, even if we don’t agree.

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me wrote:

Yeah, but he's Johnny Gosch
06/22/05 08:12:24

me wrote:

Yeah, but he's that kidnapped kid paperboy who's been brainwashed...and he's gay, and he's a tool.
06/22/05 08:13:10

Mike on Hilton Head wrote:

That sad episode did serve a useful purpose. Not only did it illustrate the craven and transparent partisan hypocrisy of the left, but it also clued in people as to who and what comprises the Washington press corps.

Who decided that reporters, in their exclusive press associations, should have the power to include or exclude people from White House press briefings? Why should THEY decide which voices should be heard?
06/22/05 21:38:09

assclown bush wrote:

Ha Ha u have to be kidding right? Jeff Gannon was a male whore who passed himself off a s a marine and one of more than a decade younger than his true middle age. He was also a whore monger selling the services of other military wanabes. He has no journalistic credentials and his only validity is in that he knows the secret of WHO was "hosting" him in the White House. Jeff Gannon is the TRUE "DEEP THROAT". Allow that buffoon all the coverage you want. The longer he Jeff Gannon stays in the semi-shadows the more damage it does to the "war pReznit" and to the repiggy party.
06/23/05 21:46:19

Eugene wrote:

I watched this whole Gannon thing and all the time wondered: Why is the Left so upset about a "gay" man? Whatever politics he espouses, what does homosexuality have to do with it? And if it were an issue, I thought the left embraced "gays". Obviously they only like "gays" that carry the liberal label.

06/24/05 14:24:57

Chris wrote:

Politics and sex, are drawing more connections to eachother here in Australia & in the U.S., but to say that a gay man should not pursue a career because of his sexual preferences or choices is a little homophobic and old fashioned. Australia's previous prime minister, Keating, was homosexual, and has never been "outed" publicly for this, so I congratulate Mr Gannon on his composure and dignified responses to some very akward questions that have nothing to do with his performance as a journalist. And if you've got it, you know what they say.....someone else will want it...might as well make money from giving it. I'd pay for that!!
06/24/05 22:50:07

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