Half a truth is often a great lie.

- Benjamin Franklin

Keeping it Out of Reach

The politicians propose the no solution solution to Social Security: Since you really werenít supposed to get the money anyway, and since itís not really your money, they are proposing the retirement age be raised so more will never see a penny of Social Security.

Under the Bush administrationís proposal, money would pass to the heirs of your estate, since you would be able to own some of what you put into the program, but other politicians want to make sure you understand that in no way is it your money, and in no way will you be allowed to get control over the money you paid into the program. They know whatís best for you; theyíll just keep it out of reach.

62. Now 65. Soon 67. Then 69Ö See a pattern here? Why donít they stop wasting our time: A retirement age of 100 would eliminate almost everyone from eligibility, and ensure a healthy, untouchable revenue stream, but just to make sure it always stays out of touch, every year, a year will be added. Next year, eligibility starts at 101.

And you are opposed to individuals owning any of what they put into their retirement account why? Yes, stupidity is a valid answer.

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