Freedom of SpeechóOnly for Those Who Agree

Some people like porn, some people donít. Well, since it is $10 billion dollar industry, a lot of those who say they donít apparently do, a bit. But even if you do not, you probably are a strong supporter of the Constitution and the rights of the individual, so you understand that even if it is not your cup of tea, others have the right to debase themselves.

The Justice Department's approach has been to identify videos that even some in the pornography business find unappealing and to bring charges in more socially conservatives places, where possible. This sounds like a bit of Clear Politics.

Isnít the minority supposed to be protected from the majority, or should the values of the majority be imposed upon the minority. (Elections change, you will be in the minority some day?)

Lancaster ruled that prosecutors overstepped their bounds while trying to block the company's hard-core movies from children and from adults who did not want to see such material. He said the company can market and distribute its materials because people have a right to view them in the privacy of their own homes.

Some will call this legislating from the bench. Itís not; it is called upholding the Constitution. Protecting the rights of those you agree with is easy, but when you protect the rights of those with whom you disagree, value is instilled in those rights.

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