Another Day of War

Another day filled with news of events beyond the simplicity of a quip and efforts to bring peace where it has not existed in a very long time.

The conversation regarding what is going on in that part of the world is difficult, because so many want to see it as not affecting them, as external events not affecting their insular world, but you have to wonder if they remember 9/11, and you have to wonder if it meant anything to them.

There is a very violent movement being mounted by a few far from here, and it is a movement that cannot be pacified, isolated, ignored. It is a movement of violence that exists purely for the idealism of the movement, and there is nothing we could do to appease these groups, which is why we must realize that they have declared war on us.

To ignore that we have been invited to war will make you no less safe because there have always been warriors willing to protect all, even the weak and cowardly. There are those who will go to battle for no cause, for no purpose, and would care little about under whom they served.

War is ugly, so very ugly, as we hold life precious, a gift beyond all others. Those who have declared war on us hold death precious, and if they do not fear you, if they do not fear life with you, then you have a struggle in battle.

We have such respect for religious beliefs and symbols in this country that we try to protect that which is sacred by those who attack us, even though they themselves may not hold such sacred, even though it may cost us dearly.

One must wonder, though, that if an enemy does not fear death but does fear humiliation, is it not preferable to humiliate them, to defeat them in life so that their numbers diminish, or is if preferable to kill them, give them what they want and fill their ranks.

If we could gain victory by parading a thousand men around naked with dog leashes, is that not preferable to killing thousands? If war could end through humiliation is that not preferable to death?

War is the enemy. It always has been and it always will be, but it will never cease. The question we need to address is how to deter war, even if it is humiliating.

Look at the leaders in war, it is politics, Clear Politics, as they are doing what they must to gather followers, to build their base, but when was the last time a leader was on the front line? You see suicide bombers, but why do the leaders not lead by example and strap up their chest? It is about men and their power, again, and forever, and we have an enemy who must be faced.

To defeat your enemy they must fear every engaging you in battle.

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