If Only Their Breasts Were Silicone

Clear Politics or good science? If you ask the scientists, they lean toward the Clear Politics, as the science seems to suggest that silicone breast implants are safe. Safe as they may be, an FDA advisory panel voted 5-4 against recommending approval to sell silicone, leaving the inferior saline implants all the rage.

Should the government be telling people they cannot put something in their body? Oh, wait, they do that all of the time.

Though you cannot beat the beauty of nature, if someone wants to inflate their stature with silicone, so be itů Good thing we have the government to protect us from ourselves.

P.S. If you want a bit more proof of the Clear Politics: Cancer patients and others undergoing major breast reconstructive surgery are allowed silicone implants.

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clearpolitics wrote:

Update: The next day they approve implants of silicone from another mfg.?

04/13/05 21:39:20

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