If there is no struggle, there is no progress.

- Frederick Douglas

Where There is Smoke, Watch for Fire

(R)epublican Tom DeLay, who went to great Clear Politics lengths to “save” Terri Schiavo seems to be falling into a deeper hole. This is a man with moral fortitude?

Remember all of the people who talked of Clinton and his associations with nefarious individuals, and how that association was enough to damage his credibility? There is a great deal of truth to defining who you are by the people you associate with, so what does it say about the (R)epublicans when they have this man as a leader?

Just because you support the President and/or the (R)epublicans does not mean that you have to support DeLay. As a matter of fact, if one has integrity, they should question their support of DeLay, given his actions—or their standards. You cannot hold (R)epublicans to a lower standard than you hold the (D)emocrats.

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George Suchko wrote:

DeLay is loathed because he doesn't cower from the media and the Democrat attack dogs; in fact , he politically sticks it back in their face. He plays hardball and they ( Dems) became used to the likes of Gerald Ford, Bob Dole and other weak-kneed Republican leadership. For those who think DeLay will be vulnerable in '06 better have their Prozac and couch appointments in hand come Election Day. Oh, ethics you say? Look at Harry Reid's 'jobs -for (his 4 ) -kids" program. Of course not, he's a Dem.
04/07/05 13:14:23

Maurice Slater wrote:

The fact that DeLay is a sleazeball is acceptable because Reid is a bigger sleazeball?

Them there is some standards.

I vote Republican, but not blindly.
04/07/05 14:34:37

poppa wrote:

I am going to be put it in the face of all Dems when it becomes evident that DeLay has once again hammered his enemies, and retained power. There is an extremely strong contingent of conservatives that have let it be know that they are upset with the "blue blood", "Country Club" Republicans, who still scurry about inside the Beltway, like anyone still cares what they say about conservatives. These are the same losers that were satisfied with their minority status for forty years, and they are still mainly concerned with what the NY Times and the Post have to say about them. DeLay is a strong voice for conservatives, and I hope he is the next Speaker of the House. I'm tired of the pork friendly Hastert running the show.
04/11/05 08:40:45

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