A little learning, indeed, may be a dangerous thing, but the want of learning is a calamity to any people.

- Frederick Douglas

World Domination?

We all know the name of George Soros, and about his hatred for George Bush. We know the billionaire, who believes that the money he made trading the market makes him brilliant, and is now investing in politics. His big bet over the last year was a bunch of anti-Bush pro-Kerry organizations, such as the way left moveon.org. Did you know he has other causes, such as helping those who help those who are terrorists?
Lil Kim

Why all of the Clear Politics from George S.? What is his goal? We know what and who he is against, but why? Was he not invited to a dinner party? Is he not treated as the intellectual he desires to become? Does he have too much money on his hands? Too much time? Is he just an idiot? Or, does he want to be ruler of the world? If you look at what he is funding and where he is funding, you would have to lean towards “ruler of the world.”

Give him North Korea, as a starter country. He couldn’t do any worse than Lil’ Kim is doing there now.

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